The following Urns are all made from solid wood. Dimensions Height 9”X Width 6 1|2”X Length 6 1|2”

These wooden urns also include engraving of a name and dates.

Dark Walnut Urn

Northern #NU201W                                                                             

Rosewood Urn


Cherry Urn


Poplar Urn


Ash Urn


Butternut Urn  


The above Urns can also be engraved with a standard image for an extra charge.

Companion Urns in the above styles are also available.

Inlaid Style Urn

Northern #NU210

Available in Oak (pictured) or Cherry

The London Chest


Cherry wood lock box with a dark cherry stain and accent key

 10¼¨ W / L X 8¼¨ D / P X 6½¨ H 

Spring Rain


Kiln-Fired Ceramic  711/16¨ dia. X 9¼¨ H 

Matching Keepsake


Kiln fired ceramic Height 9 1|4” Diameter 7 11|16”

 The Avalon


Bamboo Natural Satin Finish 

H 5” X W 9” X L 6 7|16”

Picture Urn


MDF Cherry Satin finish with space for a picture

H 8 7|8” X W 6 1|8” X L 6 3|8”

Cherry Signature Urn


Rental Urn available for Visitation and Ceremony

Unity Earthurn (biodegradable) 

Victoriaville #US899-00003  

8¨ W / L X 6½¨ D / P X 5¨ H Vol: 200 ci / pc

OAK Tree  

Bronze Companion Urn (fits 2 sets of cremated remains) 

Victoriaville #UD210-00003

7¨ W / L X 77/8¨ D / P X 91/8¨ H Vol: 420 ci / pc

Serenity Angel (Cultured Granite)

Victoriaville# US350-20008

9¾¨ W / L X 9¨ D / P X 21¨ H

Keepsake Victoriaville#UK335-20002 

47/8¨ W / L X 2½¨ D / P X 10½¨ H

Mini Victoriaville#UK350-20002

3¨ W / L X 1½¨ D / P X 6¼¨ H

 Micro Victoriaville#UK335-20001 2¨

W / L X 1¨ D / P X 37/8¨ H Vol: nominal

RUSTIC Bronze Metal Urn


6¾¨ dia. X 10¼¨ H Vol: 204 ci / pc


 Rustic Bronze Keepsake


1¾¨ dia. X 3¨ H  

Bronze Heart Keepsake


2¾¨ W / L X 15/8¨ D / P X 3¨ H 

Bios Urn

Plant a seed and cremated remains together to grow a tree of your choice.