Urn Burial Vaults

Topseal Urn Vault

Our most basic urn vault available. Still made with the strength of concrete and finished with simplicity in mind. The Topseal urn vault is a sealed, unlined concrete urn vault which is a suitable product for maintaining the grave and protecting the urn.

The standard Topseal urn vault is only for basic sized urns, temporary containers or direct placement of cremated remains. For larger urns the Topseal can be made as a double-base Topseal which seals two bases together for more interior space. 

Harmony Urn Vault

The Harmony concrete urn vault, is the first tier in lined cremation vaults. It features a moulded black polystyrene liner in both the lid an base and it is sealed with a premium butyl rubber sealant. The vault is form textured and painted in a copper concrete sealant with black accents. The Harmony Includes standard personalization.

Aegean Urn Vault

The Aegean urn vault represents the ultimate in urn vault protection. Not only does the Aegean offer interior moisture protection but the entire urn vault is encased in a premium white simulated stone polystyrene. This shrouds the concrete and offers the most protection against moisture entering the vault.

Not only this, but with the additional layers of protection, the Aegean is able to withstand the most pressure from varying loads above the ground.

Strong and elegant, with the white simulated stone finish, and the four corner columns, the Aegean is meant to be seen. At the graveside it's value will speak for itself in its elegance and strength.

The Aegean comes with standard personalization, however it can be upgraded to feature a full colour applique with any of our stock images or a family photo provided. 

Reflection Urn Vault

The Reflection Urn Vault takes all of the characteristics of a quality, lined urn vault and adds the shine and elegance of a stainless steel plated liner. The Reflection is made with concrete, sealed and lined with a black polystyrene liner. The addition of the stainless steel plating not only adds to the presence of this product but adds another layer of structural strength.

The Reflection is finished either in a black and silver paint (male) or a white and pink (female). This urn vault features a stainless steel carapice on the lid, which comes with standard personalization. The Reflection can also be upgraded to feature one of our premium personalized stock images or a submitted family photo that can be applied to the stainless carapace.

Aegean Elite Urn Vault

The Aegean Elite Urn Vault is the combination of both absolute protection and visual appeal. The construction combines the simulated stone white marble casing that the Aegean offers with the shine of the stainless steel plating similar to the Reflection urn vault.  This product is for families who are expecting the absolute best for their loved one.

The Aegean Elite is constructed with concrete, sealed and features moisture protective polystyrene inner and outer liner with the additional stainless steel plating offering four layers of protection.

The Aegean Elite features a stainless steel carapace on the lid of the urn vault which comes with standard personlization. The family also has the option to upgrade to a premium personalized full colour stock applique or submit their own photo for the lid. 

Millennium Urn Vault

The Millennium Urn vault is a polystyrene moulded cremation vault. It comes in either a black or white simulated stone finish. The vault is designed for easy lightweight transfer and can easily be set up by your own staff at the graveside. It contains a flat base ideal to place the urn on display and a large lid to be placed over the urn. For a strong permanent seal, a tube of plastic cement will be provided with each Millennium cremation vault.